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What is Detoxification?

What Is Detoxification?

Cleanliness is a key practice in today's society. Regular bathing, brushing our teeth and overall presentation is important to most people. Detoxification is simply internal cleansing. Unfortunately, the medical system doesn’t always recognize the necessity of detoxification, although it can improve the overall functions of bodily systems.

It is believed that an over-accumulation of toxic substances in the body may lead to illness and overall poor health. And thankfully, the human body already possesses the mechanisms necessary to remove these substances. The body eliminates toxins through the kidneys, liver, lungs, skin, digestive, and lymphatic system.

However, we live in a world consumed with pollution, processed foods, and chemicals. Over toxicity is a modern epidemic. So, what do we do when the systems made to clean our bodies are overrun with waste materials?

Detoxification is the utilization of external substances and processes designed to help eliminate toxins from our bodies detox systems; so they can complete the job they were designed for.

How Do You Know You Need to Detox?

Here is a list of possible symptoms:

  • Digestive discomfort

  • Hormonal unbalances

  • Allergies

  • Feeling sluggish

  • Skin Issues

  • Feeling consistently tired and poor sleep patterns

  • Lack of mental clarity and/or brain fog

  • Sore Joints

  • Stress

  • Difficulty losing weight

  • Poor body odor

  • Anxiety and/or depression

  • Sugar cravings

Detox Tips

  • Drinking lots of water with lemon can act as a diuretic and flush the body of waste.

  • Drinking bone broth may relieve joint pain, detoxify the liver, support digestive health and hormone balances, increase energy, strengthen bones, improve healthy sleep patterns, and boost immune function.

  • Take out processed and refined foods from your diet, such as microwavable and pre-packaged meals. Also, decrease your intake of processed meats like hotdogs, sausages, and bacon. Eat more grass-fed and organic foods.

  • Eat more whole ingredients and raw foods, including fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, and whole grains.

  • Take out refined sugars from your diet like the kind found in store-bought cakes, cookies, candies, and sweets.

  • Ensure you’re getting at least eight hours of sleep per night. This is when the body heals itself.

  • Exercise daily.

  • Reduce stress levels. Learn to slow down, get active, and take up a hobby.

  • Coffee Enemas. Enemas help with constipation, reduce fatigue, and aid in liver detoxification. They increase bile flow and help to restart the gallbladder and liver. It’s best to be supervised by a medical professional when doing an enema. They are not recommended for children or pregnant women. Do not perform a coffee enema if you have a sensitivity or allergy to caffeine

  • It’s even better to avoid the toxins you want to eliminate in the first place. Make your own personal hygiene and cleaning products. It can save you money and protect your body and environment from toxicity build-up.


Milk Thistle: Milk thistle helps to eliminate the buildup of alcohol, heavy metals, and environmental pollutants in the liver. The main ingredient is silymarin, which aids in supporting healthy regeneration and strengthening of cell walls in the liver. You can take in pill or tea form.

Turmeric: Turmeric may reduce joint pain; help digestion, supports liver metabolism, and balance blood sugars. You can take in pill form or use as a spice in cooking.

Dandelion Root: Dandelion root helps to eliminate waste due to its diuretic properties. It also helps to reduce stomach discomfort, boost the immune system, and soothe heartburn. You can take it pill or tea form.

Burdock Root: Burdock root can cleanse the blood, supporting liver function. It can be taken in pill or tea form.

Eat Real Liver or Take Liver Tablets: Liver is one of the most nutrient-rich foods out there. It is full of Vitamin A and B, iron, copper, folic acid, chromium, and zinc. You can eat it as a whole food or in pill form.

Consult your doctor before beginning a Detox regiment.

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